Ofsted Report

The school underwent a section 5 Ofsted inspection on July 3rd and 4th 2023 and we now have
pleasure in sharing the final Ofsted report which finds that the school is a ‘Good’ school overall, with high quality provision and many and varied strengths.

In line with an intention to reduce the national proportion of ‘Outstanding’ schools, the current Ofsted framework is particularly challenging in relation to the achievement of the ‘Outstanding’ grade. Under this framework, a high proportion of previously ‘Outstanding’ schools, including many grammar schools, are now deemed to be ‘Good’.

The school was last inspected in 2011 and our provision and ethos are now stronger than at the time the school was last inspected. In this context, we are pleased to be deemed to be ‘Good’. You will note there are two areas for further improvement highlighted by the inspectors. We had already identified these and they are included in our school improvement priorities. Our Trustees are further working on the Vision and Strategy for the school going forward and have considered the findings of the Ofsted inspection.

There is much to celebrate in the report. We are very pleased that inspectors describe us as an ‘inclusive school’ where ‘staff care for pupils [which] makes them feel valued’, and ‘pupils know they are well looked after in this kind and supportive environment’. Other highlights include:
• Pupils can learn in a calm and purposeful atmosphere where their high academic aspirations can
be fulfilled
• Pupils and sixth formers benefit from an ambitious curriculum
• Leaders have united all staff in developing a culture where pupils manage their behaviour exceptionally well
• Those who join from different schools [in sixth form] are warmly welcomed
• Staff enjoy working at this inclusive school

We are particularly delighted that they have applauded our wonderful students for their exemplary attitudes and conduct:
• Pupils show respect
• Pupils are polite and articulate
• They interact with others in a warm and considerate manner
• They are proud to attend the school

As always, we are very proud of them; they are an enormous credit to the school and to their

To view the report in full, click here.