Music at Crossley Heath

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental / Singing lessons (Please click to sign up)

Playing a musical instrument has many benefits including enhanced academic performance, the development of self-discipline, motor skills and problem-solving skills and the opportunity to meet other students. Most importantly, playing an instrument is an enjoyable experience which will stay with your child for life.

We have a highly talented team of instrumental teachers who offer tuition in the following instruments:

Flute, Trumpet/Cornet, Classical Guitar, Clarinet,Trombone, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone,Tenor Horn, Drum Kit, Violin, Euphonium/ Tuba, Singing, Viola, Double Bass and Piano/Electric Keyboard.

Starting Instrumental Lessons – Please click the link below in order to start instrumental lessons. Once complete we will automatically arrange for your child to start lessons at the beginning of the next full term – assume they have been accommodated unless you hear otherwise. In the rare event we cannot accommodate a student we will contact you.


Meet the team: