Timetable for admissions in September 2019

Monday April 16th 2018Parents can register their daughter/son for the admissions test by completing the Online Registration Form from either of the school websites or by downloading the form or requesting a hard copy of the form and sending it back to the school. Online applications will be acknowledged by North Halifax Grammar School. Postal applications will require a stamped addressed envelope for acknowledgement
Tuesday June 26th 2018The Crossley Heath School Open Evening 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Thursday June 28th 2018The North Halifax Grammar School Open Evening 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Monday September 3rd 2018Registration deadline for the admissions tests
Friday September 14th 2018Parents will have received information about the place and timetable for the admissions tests
Saturday September 29th 2018Admissions tests, 9.30 -12.30am at both the Crossley Heath and North Halifax Grammar School
Friday October 26th 2018Parents will have received the results of the admissions tests (including the overall score and position in the order of merit) but this will not constitute the offer of place
Wednesday October 31st 2018Deadline for the submission of the The Online Common Application Form (CAF) to Calderdale LA and neighboring Local Authorities. Either or both of the grammar schools must be included as one of the five preferences to be considered for a place at the grammar school(s)
Friday March 1st 2019Offer of a place at a secondary school distributed to parents by the home Local Authority
Friday March 15th 2019Deadline for lodging an appeal against the non-offer of a place at a school which was included as a preference on the CAF and requests for re-allocation
June 2019Appeal Hearings will take place

Crossley Heath Admission Policy for Entry 2018

Sample Test Papers For English and Mathematics:
English Practice Paper The Machine Gunners
English Practice Paper The Sound of Whales
Maths Practice Paper & Answers
Maths Practice Answer Sheet

Casual Vacancies Yrs 7 – 11

The Governors are pleased to accept applications on behalf of young people for places in the first five years of the school (Years 7-11 of the National Curriculum). Vacancies do become available from time to time for a variety of reasons. However, there is rarely an immediate vacancy and therefore the names of applicants are placed on a waiting list.

When a vacancy occurs, applicants are contacted and invited to attend a test. The vacant place will be offered to the candidate who demonstrates the ability and aptitude to allow them to be a success at the school.

Parents of pupils who are unsuccessful may ask for their son/daughter to remain on the list to be considered for entry in the following academic year should a vacancy arise. Students will not automatically be left on the list and will be removed at the end of the academic year, unless a request is made to remain on the list. Students will not be allowed more than two attempts at the test.

Please note that it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure all information is up to date including change of address and any changes should be communicated to Mrs Masters, Casual Vacancy Assistant, at the school.

The school currently operates an option system at the end of year 8 and any decision to accept a student will be dependent on whether or not their curriculum needs can be appropriately met by the school. Teacher assessment levels in Maths, English and Science will also be taken into account.

Applicants who sat the 11+ entrance exam and were successful, but were not allocated a place due to
over subscription are placed on a waiting list and priority is given to these candidates in the event of a vacancy in the first term. After this time those who wish to still be considered must complete an application form and return to school.

Please complete the Application for Casual Vacancies Yrs 7 – 11 form and return if you wish to proceed with an application.