Extra Curricular Activities

At Crossley Heath we provide a wide range of extra curricular activities and this can change frequently throughout the academic year, depending on demand and staff availability. A list of the current extra curricular timetable for students is below.

Lunch TimeAfter School
MondayU12 Rugby
Fitness Suite
String group 12.40 Conference suite
Student newspaper B8
The Reading Room B5
Basketball (cost tbc)
Girls Rugby
Y7 Dance
TuesdayU12 Rugby
Art in VA5 (Prep support)
Junior Band 12.40 M1
Guitar group 12.40 Conference suite
Video editing club B7
The Reading Room B5
Fitness Suite
Squash @ Queens 3.45 – 4.45 (£3)
WednesdayY7/8/9 Book club B9
The Ancient Club (e.g. Romans) B9
The Reading Room B5
ThursdayU12 Rugby
Fitness Suite
Art in VA5 (KS3 Art club)
Choir 12.40 Conference Suite
Magic The Gathering B7
The Reading Room B5
Tennis at Queens 4.00 – 5.00 (£2)
FridayU12 Rugby
Y7 Girls Football
Samba Drumming 12.40 M1
Glee Club 12.40 Conference Suite
Dr Who club B9
The Reading Room B5