Careers Information

We offer a wide range of activities and interventions that help your child to make the right choices.  This includes impartial advice and guidance at key transitional times and access to up to date information on careers and other issues affecting their well-being.

Our careers policy can be downloaded here.

Careers Team
Mrs D GallimoreHead of Work Related Learning and Careers
Mrs E MartinDepartment Leader for PSHCE, Citizenship and Careers
Mr G HirstCareers Coordinator (Post 16)
Liz HirstCareers Adviser
Mrs FisherCareers planning

The Careers Education Programme aims:

  • To encourage all students to recognise and value their own skills and abilities and to appreciate their relationships with, and their responsibilities towards, other people, the community and environment.
  • To develop the skills which help them to make informed and realistic choices for their future.
  • To enable students and parents to be aware of the opportunities and alternatives open to them at different stages of their life and raise aspirations.
  • To encourage understanding and experience of the world of work through work related learning and enterprise activities.
  • To encourage students to implement their career plans. To review and evaluate in order to make improved decisions and manage the transition processes effectively.
  • To promote equality of opportunity irrespective of race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability and special needs.

Year 7

In addition to the assistance given to students in handling the move from Primary Education to Secondary such as transition support using the VLE, careers input is incorporated in PSHCE tutorials. Students are encouraged to consider what is meant by the term ‘work’, identify the difference between a job and an occupation and reflect on what they consider to be their ‘dream’ occupation. Students also take part in developing their generic learning and personal skills through various programmes in school.

Year 8

The primary focus this year is to assist students with their guided choices for GCSE. They are introduced to the range of resources and materials available. They are also given advice through PSHCE on how to make informed decisions. Information booklets, including ‘Directions’ from C&K Careers, are issued to students during this time along with a detailed guide for parents and carers outlining the school’s options process. This information is further supported by both a Careers Day Event, Y8 Parents’ Evening and a Y8 Options Evening in March.

Year 9

During this year students will explore the reasons why people seek work and the type of opportunities available. Students have a drop-down down day where speakers from different providers come to talk about Post-16 and Post-18 pathways. They see how schoolwork relates to occupational choices and therefore to lifestyle and income. Emphasis will be placed on developing generic learning and personal skills, both within lessons and through extracurricular activities.

Year 10

Students are given an overview of the support and guidance available over the next two years and take part in a range of activities which challenge their personal perspectives and their belief and value systems with a view to raising individual aspirations. Greater emphasis is also placed on developing the skills and attributes required to succeed in the world of work. This is an internet-based programme so the results can be accessed from home for discussion with parents. Small group careers sessions are arranged with the Careers Advisor from Calderdale and Kirklees Careers Service during the summer term. We also organise a visit to a University campus to raise awareness of the University experience.

Year 11

The focus is very much on Post 16 options with a range of assemblies, tutorial time and support materials provided. In addition students have interviews with the Senior Leadership Team as well as an extensive ‘A level taster day’. There is also available access to the parental guide “life after Y11”. Small group and individual support sessions continue with the Careers Advisor during this period. University involvement at this stage become more course specific with separate visits for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Medicine) & Social Sciences. All students receive a copy of ‘Get Organised’ from C&K Careers in the autumn Term, which covers information on all options after Y11.

Sixth Form

Throughout the year,  Post students are provided with a weekly careers bulletin which shares CEIAG information to inform them of the ever-changing education and employment landscape. During the summer term the school organises Higher Education and Careers activities to help students to start actively planning for their future which includes sharing up to date labour market information and trends for future employment. Bespoke careers sessions are also arranged for students who do not intend to continue in learning after the Sixth Form. UNIFAQ’s booklets are distributed to all year 12 students.
During the autumn term of Y12 the focus of careers input is placed on preparation for the work experience placements which take place in the Spring term. Students consider health and safety issues and their expectations prior to placement. A placement diary is used to record progress made through the week and forms the basis for evaluation when the students return to school.

In Y13 the main focus for the majority of students is researching HE choices and completing the UCAS application process including their personal statements. Initial support is provided by Form Tutors and our UCAS Co-ordinator Mr Coote. Students are encouraged to attend Open Days to assist their decision making and further bespoke support is provided for ‘Oxbridge’ candidates and students intending to find employment Post 18.

A key aspect of life in the Sixth Form is encouraging students to take on greater responsibility to reflect their status in the school. Opportunities are in place for students to undertake leadership roles for example as School or House Officials, as Prefects or through House Activities and Student Voice activities. These positions help students appreciate and experience similar roles, responsibilities and tasks to those that they will face when they start working. Other enrichment opportunities, including the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification, are available to students.

Individual support for your child

Liz Hirst is the School Careers Adviser from C&K Careers with access to a vast amount of work-related information and details of local, regional and national employment opportunities. She is in school on Wednesday and Thursday during term time. Group and individual interviews are held with students. She is also available at Parents Evenings and Open Evenings to talk to parents.

She can be contacted via email at  or telephone: 01484 225500.

Work experience

Students take part in work experience in year 12. Students are off timetable for a week in the spring term, usually between February and April. In 2019 the date is w/c 18 March. Support and guidance is given to help students source placements. We also have good connections with local organisations who have supported work experience in the past and with the NHS and Lloyds Bank. Students also have mock interviews as part of their PSHCE programme in year 12.


We run an enrichment program with a wide variety of activities for Y12 students.  Students are informed of the different activities during the first week of  y12 and all students are expected to take part.

Enrichment Booklet

Places to help with your research

Finding good unbiased careers information can be very difficult with so many different websites available. You may find the following links useful:

Local careers/IAG website – for example
UCAS Progress – 14-19 online learning directory –
UCAS – Higher education database –
The National Apprenticeship Service –
National Careers Service – – Careers advice and testing –

Provider Access Information

The policy below sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer. This complies with the school’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

Provider Access Information 2018