Exam Wellbeing

At The Crossley Heath School we fully understand the importance of supporting our students’ wellbeing through their exam preparation and beyond. We know that exams are a major source of worry and anxiety for young people. Whilst feeling anxious about important events is a natural response, we take a range of approaches in our tutorials and lessons to support our student wellbeing at these times.  This includes help with their organisation, revision strategies, study timetables and advice of how to look after their overall wellbeing at an important time in their lives.

We also want to offer guidance and reassurance to our parents and carers, where it might be needed, so that their child feels supported at home.

It is important that students:

  • Are organised and well prepared for exams
  • Take a long term approach to study and revision rather than a short term cramming approach
  • Study sensibly and effectively without distraction
  • Exercise regularly
  • Limit screen time and exposure to social media
  • Get enough sleep and keep a sleep routine
  • Take time out to socialise and relax
  • Eat healthily
  • Talk to their friends and family
  • Consider the practise of mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Have a positive mind set, their best is good enough!

The following resources are provided to give guidance and ideas for supporting both students and their parents/carers.


Silver Cloud is a free and easily accessible platform that can be a personal and responsive support for young people (14+) and/or their parents and carers.  It involves minimal waiting times and by accessing the service you will gain an Open Minds ‘Supporter’ who can provide guidance and support for individuals who are experiencing anxiety and low mood.

Silvercloud | Northpoint Wellbeing – Open Minds (CAMHS) (openmindscamhs.org.uk)