Year 7 Induction Day

Year 7 Induction Day, September 2024 

Tuesday 3rd September 2024 

At Crossley Heath, we are lucky to be able to offer the first day of the school year to just new pupils. This means that only the new Year 7 pupils will be in school that day as well as Year 12, but they will be based in the 6th Form Block. 

This is how your first full day at Crossley Heath will look:

Arrival – 8:20, come down to the front lawn (where we met for transition day).

Parents – please note that we ask you not to come on to the school site. 

Lesson 18:30 - 9:30Whole year assembly then meet your form tutors.
Lesson 29:30 - 10:35A school tour and then getting to know your class.
Break Time10:35 - 10:50Break Time
Lesson 310:50 - 11:50Timetables, school rules and photos/finger prints (for use on our school system).
Tutor Time11:50 - 12:20For this day we will try to get you to lunch as quick as possible so you can get used to the dinning room system without the other pupils in the school.
Lunch Time12:20 - 13:10You will have a place to play an get to meet other pupils.
Lesson 413:10 - 14:10Your first lesson.
Lesson 514:10 - 15:10Your second lesson.
Home Time

You will need to come in your school uniform with a bag for all your equipment (your pencil case, but don’t worry, we will give you all the books that you need). You will NOT need your PE kit on the first day. 

If you didn’t get given your school tie on transition day, so long as you have paid for it on ParentPay, we will give it to you then.    

If you are going to have school dinners, please make sure you have money on your ParentPay account. Please speak to our Finance team if you have any issues with parent pay. You are also welcome to bring a packed lunch if you prefer. 

If you have any problems or concerns – please do contact us at school. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Spencer  

Year 7 Progress Leader