Summer School 2021 Information

Welcome! We hope you are well and that your child is looking forward to attending our summer school.  It will be a week full of excitement, fun learning, skill development and other experiences that we are confident will help support our new students in their transition to Crossley Heath.

The following information provides you with more specific detail about the week.  I hope that all of your questions are answered here.  However, if you still need further clarification then please feel free to contact Mr Davis at

Start and Finish

Children should arrive to school at 9am each morning and use the ‘moor gate’ to enter the school grounds:

Children will be greeted by members of our summer school team.  We ask that parents and carers do not drive or walk onto the school grounds.  Your child will be well looked after!  If arriving by car we ask that you park on the road sides of Skircoat Moor which will allow for a safer pick up and drop off (see map).

Each day at summer school will finish at 3pm, except on the Friday when we have an earlier 1pm finish.  Summer school staff will escort students down to the ‘moor gate’ at the end of each day and supervise departure.  Some parents and carers may want their child to make their own way home.  In order to allow this I will need written parent/carer confirmation of this by return email so that I can inform our staff team

Parents and carers should make arrangements to collect their child promptly.  It can cause upset for children new to the school if they are not collected on time.  If you are delayed, please contact the summer school mobile number to let me know 07789440603.

If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding departure at the end of the day then please contact me on the email address above.

What to Wear

Students do not need to wear school uniform.  Each day will consist of a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and in order to be able to take part fully we advise the following;

  • Comfy clothing that is appropriate for the classroom and physical activity. Depending on the weather this is likely to include jogging bottoms/tracksuit, leggings, shorts, t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies.  You may have purchased school PE kit items and these can be worn too if you prefer.  Please do not send your child in jeans or crop tops.  Wearing jewellery is not advised but if your child does, those items must meet our uniform guidelines
  • Footwear.   We also recommend that your child brings a pair of football/studded boots in a bag for physical activities on damp grass
  • A water proof jacket/cagoule would also be useful should the weather be typically British – let’s hope not!
  • A sun hat/cap should the weather be hot/sunny



Other items to bring

  • A bag/rucksack to carry belongings and keep them together in one place
  • Sun cream if the weather is hot and sunny. We cannot provide this
  • Some spare clothing (as above) should the weather be a bit wet and clothing gets damp. Changing facilities are available
  • A small pencil case with a selection of pens, a pencil, a ruler and rubber
  • A water bottle
  • A face mask. Students may still be required to wear face coverings in congested communal areas indoors.  Students will be given guidance on this by summer school staff

Mobile phones/devices

For peace of mind we understand that parents/carers may want their child to carry a mobile phone.  Students can bring a mobile device to summer school but they do so in the knowledge that one of our primary aims during transition is to support students to make face to face connections with their new peers and form social bonds.  We ask that mobile phones are turned off when attending the summer school and are kept safe and out of sight.  They can be turned on again at the end of the day.

If there is an urgent need for parents/carers to get in touch with their child then please contact the summer school mobile number – 07789440603.

Medical conditions and medication

We have been making contact with parents and carers who have informed us of their child’s medical condition/s via the summer school application form.  We want to make sure that any medication/treatment for individual students is known to us in advance of the summer school.  If your child has a medical condition that you believe we are not aware of then please contact Mr Davis on

If your child will require access to medication during the summer school day then we ask that this is brought to school in a clear plastic bag/box clearly labelled with your child’s full name.  Medicines brought to school (including epi-pens) will be managed by our summer school Health Care Assistant, Mr Beattie, who will be available to support students all week.

If your child becomes ill during the summer school day they will be cared for by Mr Beattie who will contact you on the number provided on the summer school application form, should there be a need for your child to go home.


Our catering team will be providing free lunches to those who attend the summer school.  There will be a selection of different lunch options including hot and cold food.  All dietary needs will be catered for and we are aware of those children who have food preferences, allergies and intolerances.

You may also want to provide your child with a snack for the day.

Water stations are available to ensure that children stay hydrated.

Student Absence

If your child is going to be absent due to illness we ask that parents/carers inform the school before 9am on the day of absence so that our registers can be amended accordingly.  It is our statutory responsibility to report attendance accurately and we are grateful for your support in being able to do this.

To report an absence please ring 01422 360272 and email

If you know in advance that your child will not be able to attend on a particular day/s then please email me to let me know

Covid Considerations

Parents/carers should not send their child to summer school if they have a NEW PERSISTENT cough and/or a high temperature or flu type symptoms. If so, you must isolate and arrange for a covid-19 PCR test (do not use a lateral flow test).

Children should not attend if they have been identified as a close contact with anyone who tests positive for Covid-19. They will need to take a PCR test. If this is positive they will then need to isolate at home.  If the test is negative, then they can attend the summer school.

If a child shows signs of Covid-19 symptoms during a day at the summer school, they will be supported by our Health Care Assistant.  As a precautionary measure the child will be taken to our medical room and arrangements will be made for them to go home if necessary.

We will be continuing to remind children about the importance of good hand and respiratory hygiene and there will be regular opportunities to wash hands or use hand sanitiser throughout the day.

We ask that all children who are not exempt bring a mask/face covering to summer school.  They will not need to wear masks/face coverings during most summer school activities although they may choose to do so if they wish.  Masks/face coverings will be required when moving around congested indoor spaces, queueing for lunch and when attending full assemblies in the sports hall.

The Summer School Programme

We have been working hard to put together a summer school programme that is full of excitement and experiences that will help support your child’s transition to Crossley Heath.  Our summer school staff will deliver a blend of academic, creative, sporting and character building activities that are designed to inspire, nurture confidence and support new social relationships.

The summer school schedule will be available to view on the transition website pages in advance of Monday 16th August.

We can’t wait to welcome everyone!

Please contact Mr Davis should you have any further queries –