Students Working at Home

If your child is working from home please follow this general advice and school work and routines:

Please note: If school has to close, specific work will be set via email/office 365 One Drive and Teams

GCSE classes and A level students are expected to focus on topics related to their specifications where possible. Y11 and Y13 should take the time to revise for their upcoming exams.

Please understand that currently teachers are teaching classes and we are having high proportion of individual requests for work. Y7/8 are to complete general educational activities which could include:

    • Go over previous work – create mind maps, revision cards etc.
    • Use bbc bitesize for related study
    • 30 minutes aerobic exercise a day –e.g. youtube just dance
    • Sketch inanimate objects
    • Read fiction
    • Write creative stories/persuasive speeches etc.
    • Create a non-fiction book on a studied topic
    • Watch appropriate documentaries
    • Search tutor2u and watch tutorials
    • Purchase revision books/guides/workbooks and complete exercises
    • ‘Make meals for your family using recipes online’  and ‘learn and help out with domestic chores’  and ‘Help out with any DIY jobs that need completing around the house’

Please see our Home Study Procedures, Home Study Student Guide and our how to help your child study at home guide

Subject Specific general work can be found here:

Y9_11 Generic work from AQA GCSE Chemistry
Generic work for Science for Year 7 and 8
Biology Resources for independent study if school closes
Physics Generic Work Y9 – Y11

PE Work
Netflex- PE at home – Instructions
Netflex – PE at home – Powerpoint
Sport England exercise at home ideas

Music Home Learning Activities
Music -Summer Work
Music KS3 listening diary and help sheet
77 Simple Stem – Daily activity ideas

Food tech:  Student Username: SCROSSLEY3 / Password: STUDENT3

It is important that your child maintains a healthy routine when it comes to their studies. You can help you child by:

      • Ensuring that they complete a minimum of 5 hours study a day: GCSE and A level students need to be ensuring that they are following a strict revision timetable and it is recommended that they complete a minimum of 8 hours study a day
      • Ensuring that they are out of bed and ready to study during normal school hours
      • Ensuring that they maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and eat a healthy diet
      • Ensuring that they still have ‘school night’ bed times and get enough sleep.
      • Ensuring that screen time is still limited (although as work is set this way it may be higher than usual)
      • Ensuring that they have a purposeful study area free of distraction
      • If work is complete you encourage your child to complete generic educational tasks such as revising topics they have already studied in class using their exercise books and other materials to firm up their knowledge. With this they could make mind maps, revisions cards, devise your own tests (which may be used on a friend), write poetry or a creative story, create your own text book, research and write their on blog or vlog about a topic, sketch an inanimate object, watch appropriate documentaries around a subject they have been studying etc.
      • Ensuring that they are exercising every day: aerobics can be done inside and with limited space: there are many free workouts available online
      • Ensuring that you are monitoring any online activity and ensuring that your child is safe online: our school website has safety advice should you require it
      • Ensuring that they are at home during school hours and safe.


If you have any safeguarding concerns, as ever, you are free to report these direct to Calderdale MAST via 01422 393336 or

If you wish to speak directly with Mr Chesters on a safeguarding matter please call on 07789440603