Staff LF Test


 We need to capture all test results, whatever the outcome. Tests should be completed on a Saturday.  You will need your unique reference number which is on your testing kit.


Before you conduct this test on yourself please watch this YouTube training video from Calderdale as this is the testing approach we are adopting.  You are only required to swab  both of your nasal cavities and not include your throat, as required with some other tests. The video says that household members should isolate for 14 days should you present with a positive test. Since the video was prepared this has now changed to a 10-day isolation period rather than 14.

If you have a positive result:

First of all don’t panic. You may not be experiencing any symptoms and we understand that the result may be a shock to you.

Log the information on the Form using the link provided. Notify Debbie Gallimore by text (07983432373). You should also notify your line manager.  Mini school staff do not need to do anything more than this as arrangements will be put in place once notification is received.

You and your household will need to self-isolate for 10 days.  You should also arrange for a PCR Covid-19 test via or by calling 119.  You should have priority as a key worker.  You should let Debbie Gallimore know the outcome of your PCR test.


If you have a negative result

Log your outcome on the LINK above.  A long as you do not have any symptoms of Coronavirus you can continue to come to work as normal.


If you have an invalid test

If you do not see a line in the ‘C’ (control) areas then the test is invalid. This is irrespective of whether there is a line or not in the T (test) area. If the control has not worked then the test result is not valid.

Refer to the instruction information and watch the video again to ensure you are following the correct procedure.

Repeat the test with a new cartridge.

If you get a second invalid result log this on the Form using the link provided and contact Debbie Gallimore who will advise what to do next. This may depend on the nature of your role within school.  One possible option may include self-administering the test under the supervision of one of the healthcare assistants prior to starting work.

Please remember that all guidance around PPE and social distancing should still be followed even if the lateral flow test is negative as some positive cases can still be missed with this test.

Technical information

Download the PDF file .