Sixth Form Virtual Open Event: Biology

Biology affects all of us. It plays a crucial role in our everyday existence. Advances in new technologies such as cloning and recombinant DNA have made this discipline more exciting than ever. Rapid advances in medicine, biotechnology and genetic engineering have raised ethical and social issues that we want our students to approach from a scientifically informed viewpoint.

Our primary responsibility is to our students and their learning. As such we will provide an educational experience and curriculum in which we:

  • create a stimulating environment that facilitates intellectual growth of students
  • provide students with the time and freedom to develop their understanding and make links between what they learn in the lesson and the world around them.
  • encourage students to be advocates for science and the scientific approach to
  • instil critical and analytical skills related to biology throughout the GCSE and A-level courses.

Students learn using a range of techniques and are encouraged to approach tasks and questions logically, to apply their learning effectively and to articulate their ideas using key scientific terms. Research indicates that students learn best by doing and then having adequate time to reflect on what they have done in order to reconcile their findings with their previous understanding of the world. Therefore our teachers organize their classrooms around frequent, hands-on practical work which sets the stage for increasingly sophisticated classroom discourse that challenges students intellectually and develops their ability to communicate ideas.

Knowledge learned in Biology underpins many choices throughout life. As such, teachers use the latest teaching methodologies which support development and building of a comprehensive knowledge of Biology. We have regular opportunities for assessment. This ensures students know how they are progressing and are able to take responsibility for their learning. Tracking progress also allows staff to ensure the best possible outcomes at GCSE and A-level. The Biology Department has excellent laboratory facilities and is equipped to a high standard to support students’ learning.

“We believe every student deserves that moment when everything clicks into place and they are amazed by what they are learning. As students learn Biology, we aim to provide as many of these moments as possible”

Mrs P Lea (Department Leader)