Revision – Food Technology



Here is the link to the Illuminate Digital text-book. Pupils have been provided with a log on for this (see revision calendar). It covers the entire specification and has a range of questions and activities throughout.


Seneca Learning is the U.K.’s most popular revision app for students with more than 2.5 million users in England. Seneca’s online platform can be thought of as an effective & engaging interactive learning and revision guide.


Please find a range of videos which look at a range of elements on the food and nutrition course. These videos cover key concepts including nutrition, science and faults in food production.

This revision calendar breaks the entire food and nutrition specification into one question a date starting on the 1st of March until the day of the exam. Pupils spend 5 minutes a day answering the question and shade the box red/amber/green depending on their confidence level.


This link will provide access to the exam board website including the course specification and pdf copies of exam papers, mark schemes and examiners reports.

A set of pre-populated flashcards covering the key information needed for some elements of the food and nutrition written exam.