Department of Physical Education

A level PE is suited to students who have academic ability, an interest in sport and an interest in improving their own performance. 

The theoretical aspect of this course will allow you to build on your knowledge developed at Key Stage 4, by studying in-depth the physiological, psychological and sociological theories and concepts that influence. It will also improve your performance in sport. This is combined with practical coursework where you are assessed on your ability to perform a range of skills in your strongest sport and develop your ability to coach other performers to improve their skill level. You will then learn how to analyse and critically evaluate your own practical weaknesses and suggest strategies that may help to improve your skill level.

The Advanced Level course in PE is an exciting and challenging course which is ideal for students wishing to study Physical Education, Sports Science or Sports Coaching courses at university. The course also provides an excellent foundation for students wishing to pursue careers in teaching, coaching, the leisure industry, recreational management or physiotherapy

For the practical modules, students will need to be a good sports performer but just as importantly should be willing to work on improving their performance. Students should be playing at least one sport outside of school and they should be involved with a club or team. Lessons cover anatomy and physiology, skill acquisition/psychology, and socio-cultural studies. Students will be taught using a variety of classroom based activities and the course will include practical group work and independent learning.