Department of Geography

It is vital that students develop a deep knowledge of the world that we live in, to ensure they are educated global citizens and understand the true value of Planet Earth. Geography covers the physical environment and how humans interact with it, with a key focus on the changes that are occurring in the 21st century globalised world and the impact it has on all of us.

Enquiry based learning is key in our Geography curriculum to ensure students develop high level thinking skills, such as critical thinking and evaluation, so they can investigate the issues for the present and the future of the planet, exploring all scales, from the personal to the local and the global.

The Planet Earth is the Geography classroom, and it is essential for our students to interact with it. Field work underpins our Geography curriculum, at a range of scales, to encourage questioning, investigation and critical thinking about issues affecting the world and people’s lives, now and in the future. Our students learn to think spatially and use maps, visual images and new technologies, including geographical information systems (GIS), to obtain, present and analyse information. Field work varies from investigating the local environment to larger scale residential trips to the Isle of Arran and Iceland.

We ensure that the Geography curriculum is intellectually challenging and relevant to the students of Crossley Heath. This enables students to succeed highly in exams at all levels and to be able to understand their role as a citizen of Planet Earth.


“Planet Earth is our home. It is awesome, diverse, inspiring and ever changing. Studying Geography invites students at Crossley Heath to participate more fully in the excitement, enjoyment and challenge of this dynamic world.”

Miss S Gillespie (Department Leader)