Do you have an old laptop you no longer need?

Do you have an old laptop that you no longer use or need? Even if it is old and slow, as long as it turns on, we want it! 

We are in need of laptops to give to some of our pupils who are unable to get online to do their schoolwork. It is vital that all children have a device for remote learning and as the current lockdown progresses, there is a concern that children from less well-off families will be left behind. Many of our students come from families with multiple children where they are sharing a device, some even have only had access via a parent’s mobile phone. Without access to a device, children are also isolated from their friendship groups – a side effect that may have repercussions for ongoing mental health. There is a government initiative which has given us some laptops but not enough and we are currently unable to order any more.

So, how can you donate? If you have a laptop that can be repurposed (ideally with a power cable, but it’s also fine without as we may find something suitable) you can either: 

· Drop it off in a sealed bag at reception between 9:00 and 3.00 pm daily

· Contact and we will arrange to collect the laptop from you, if you are within a reasonable distance from the school.