We cater for all dietary requirements. Where possible we buy from local companies and suppliers. For further information please speak to Mr David Muirhead, Catering Manager

Healthy Eating

The Catering Team at Crossley Heath, led by the Catering Manager, Mr David Muirhead is committed to providing healthy food for our students. We understand how important it is to offer a nutritionally balanced diet and source our food from local suppliers wherever possible. Due to the latest technology in ovens we no longer fry any food. We encourage students to make healthy choices. There is a fridge dedicated to bottled water to encourage students to drink more water and there is a cold water tap in the dining room for students fill their own bottles.

At Crossley Heath we pride ourselves on our lunchtime offer which includes hot meal options including vegetarian, a wide variety of sandwiches made from a range of breads and fillings, wraps and salads to suit all tastes. Fresh vegetables are available and we offer a variety of potatoes every day: jackets, boiled and homemade wedges. We have a substantial self-serve salad bar with 2 portion sizes suitable for either a side dish or main meal. Tuna pots are sold as toppings for salads or jacket potatoes.

The Pasta Bar, with a great choice of sauces is very popular with students and we have recently purchased a hot cupboard from which students can purchase paninis. Soup is available with or without a bread roll. A wide range of yoghurts, fruit and cheese & biscuits can be purchased.

There are a wide range of drinks on offer: bottled water (as well as tap water and water drinking fountains), fruit juices and semi-skimmed milk.

We encourage students to try different foods and if they are unsure we offer them a taste and all individual needs are fully catered for. Our menus change weekly to enable the best vegetables and meat/fish to be sourced. Menus can also be altered to suit the weather.

The Catering Team has worked hard to make sure the uptake of school food continues to increase in popularity. Students love the food provided for them and enjoy wonderful, friendly relationships with the staff. As a result the number of students purchasing food from the dining room has increased. The team makes every effort to ensure students enjoy the lunchtime dining experience and hope that have played their part in helping them achieve their goals in the future.