Emergency Closure Plan

The safety of students at the school is our primary concern, and this will remain a priority throughout any decisions taken. The teaching and learning of students is vital but we acknowledge there will be times when children’s safety is at risk and a school may need to close. A decision concerning closure will be made in conjunction with various agencies including those that organise buses that serve the school.

The following guidelines apply:

1. On Day 1 of snowfall, we will try to be open if the health and safety of students and staff is not compromised. If the school will be closed, we will post a notice on the school’s website by 7.00am and on the school Twitter account stating closure. Information will also be supplied to Radio Leeds and to Calderdale Council’s Schools Emergency Closure website.
If the decision is taken to close the school a text message will be sent to those parents for whom we have a mobile telephone number.

2. If the school is open it is your decision whether or not to send your son or daughter to school, and our guidance here is that if, in your judgement, your child would be in danger if you sent him or her to school, we would wish you to keep your child at home. Only you can make that decision, and it depends very much on where you live.

3. We understand that some students may arrive late if conditions are difficult, but we prefer lateness to absence.

4. All students should come with plans to:
walk if necessary
pay bus fares if necessary
meet parents at a pre-arranged venue
if they have a mobile phone ensure it is fully charged
use a friend’s house (if they live near to the school) as a base if necessary

5. If the school has to close early, or if further snowfall occurs, and we decide to close the school on Day 2 or Day 3 as a result of heavy snow and/or icy conditions, an announcement will be made on Radio Leeds. Announcements are made on a regular basis and parents and students will need to listen at the times specified by the stations. A notice will also be put on the school website, Twitter account and the Calderdale Council’s School Emergency Closure website.

6. It is unlikely that any students in Years 7 to 11 will be sent home before lunch on the first day of heavy snowfall. If a decision is made to close the school, students will notify their parents as to the instructions issued for departing. All students shall remain on site supervised until they have either left on a school bus, been collected by parents or have parental permission to make their own way home.

7. Parents should please NOT ring school to find out what the position is re early closure. This simply means that our lines become blocked and no one can ring in or out.

Please be alert to the weather. Students will be reminded of the need to make arrangements for such eventualities, in advance, during the autumn term.

The Crossley Heath School is committed to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of all children and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.